skins to buy?

ok so a while ago a friend of mine suggested that i offer to put up my skinning services for sale. i told her she was absolutely ridiculous to say such a thing. however now i’m kind of considering it. so this is essentially an interest check on such a thing. how many admins out there would be willing to buy a skin for their site? would it depend on the features of the skin? the exclusivity of it? or is the price the over all determining factor? below were somethings i was considering when thinking about this:

different types of skins

would any of these skins be available on caution, atf, shine etc

what about thieves?
  • well people suck. and people will steal. i can’t gaurentee that some dick won’t look through the source codes. all that i can do is report it to resource sites that i’m active members of. i encourage you to do the same if you find that you’re ever in that situation.

in regards to pricing

  • minimum wage where i live is 7.50 USD an hour. it takes me at least three hours to code a skin and that’s if i do it in one sitting and i’m only doing the basics of the forum and if i’m really inspired. sometimes skins can take upwards of six hours to complete depending on their complexity and that pesky trait of perfectionism that i can’t seem to shake.

how long would it take to make a skin?

  • it should take me no more than one week to get a custom skin done.
  • if you’re purchasing a basic skin or a skin set i will email the codes as soon as i receive confirmation from paypal.

that’s all that i can think of at the moment. i’ve never run a web based store before. i don’t have any of this set up yet. this is just an interest check at the moment. i would very much like to hear any feed back or tips that you have. you can reply, reblog, send me an ask, fanmail or use submissions to tell me your thoughts. anything is appreciated at this point.

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    5. crashbangpoppet said: sounds perfectly reasonable since some folk charge upwards of $100 for a basic website (only the pretty with very little back-end)